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How can I attach my coat rack?

You thread the ends of the wire through the two ceiling hooks and tie them there. You will then have two visible buttons.

You thread the wire through the copper or brass carrier and through the two ceiling hooks. You tie the ends of the thread together and then slide the knot into the carrier. The knot is now invisible; the wire forms a continuous line.

Your coat rack is always supplied so that you can attach it in the manner first described. Would you rather do it the second way? Then follow the description or watch the tutorials on Instagram.

What can I choose from when putting together a Life is a Grid coat rack?
The coat rack consists of the following elements:

a carrier of copper or brass

a standard 45 cm, 75 cm or 95 cm carrier

ends of the carrier in three types of wood: beech, ebony or wenge

19 colors of thread

11 colors of brackets

I want a set of several coat racks. How do I design a beautiful construction?

STEP 1 Choose the width(s) over which you want to hang the coat rack. This determines the length of the different parts.

STEP 2 Determine the purpose or use of your coat rack. Do you want to hang long coats or dresses on it? Children's coats or sweaters? Your most beautiful lingerie items? Accessories? The choice of use is determined by two things. 1. How far the coat rack should hang from the wall. 2. How high the coat rack should hang above the ground.

tip 1 For example, if you use coat hangers for long coats, ensure there is sufficient space between the wall and the coat hangers and ensure that the coats do not drag on the floor.

tip 2 Hang a children's coat rack low to the ground so that children can easily hang their coat. Usually a coat rack with only hooks is sufficient, allowing you to hang the coat rack close to the wall. (The ideal thing about these hooks is that they never fall to the ground because they are strung on the carrier.)

STEP 3 If you want to create a layered graphic interplay of lines, it is best to hang the coat racks at the front and back or (if space permits) at right angles to each other. For sloping ceilings, small corners and tight hallways, this coat rack is visually space-saving, with a floor that remains free.


What are the delivery times?

I usually make the packages on Thursday and Friday. Sometimes that doesn't work and it will be a bit later, I will ship your order within 10 working days at the latest. If it is very important that you receive it before a certain date, please mention this in the comments when ordering. I'm trying my best. :)

Are materials supplied for mounting?

No. That is not possible, because every ceiling or construction to which the coat rack is attached is different. It is best to decide for yourself what is needed. In most cases I recommend using ceiling hooks and plugs for hanging. Every hardware store has hooks with small, subtle, closed eyes. If you want to attach the coat rack to a beam or another load-bearing element, you can also tie it.


Is the supplied wire long enough for the construction I have in mind?

You will receive a wire with a length of 5 meters as standard. If you order the longest coat rack (95 cm), you will have just over two meters left on both sides of the coat rack. With a ceiling height of 2.70 meters, the coat rack will hang a maximum of approximately 70 centimeters above the ground. If you need a longer wire, you can order it from me by email. You can easily shorten the wire yourself. You cut it neatly with sharp scissors. Then briefly hold a flame near the cut end so that it melts. Finally, you can sculpt a nice shape into it with your fingers.


Is my ceiling suitable for the Life is a Grid coat rack?

The coat rack does not weigh much, but of course you are going to put a load on it. The regular concrete ceiling is absolutely suitable. For older ceilings, for example made of wood, or suspended/hollow ceilings, I recommend making your own assessment.


How much weight can the coat rack hold?

No official crash test has been carried out, but the coat rack is a solid construction and can be completely loaded with heavy winter coats. Shops also use the Life is a Grid coat rack as a clothes rack, so it is certainly suitable as a coat rack.


Which clothes hangers match the coat rack?

I personally think the copper or brass clothes hangers from HAY combine very nicely. If you want some variation, I recommend purchasing one or more sets of hooks. You can find them in my webshop. You can use the hooks for bags or accessories, for example.


The maximum length of a custom-made Life is a Grid coat rack is 95 centimeters. I want a longer one. Is that possible?

Email me your specific wishes. Then we look together at what is possible.


How do I ensure that my coat rack remains beautiful?
Copper and brass are real materials, which means they respond to touch and use. I think that is a fantastic feature. At the same time, I can also imagine that you want to let the wearers shine again every now and then. You can use Brasso copper polish for this (available in the blue supermarket). If you want to do it completely organic, cut a lemon in half and rub the flesh over the material. This works with both copper and brass. Make sure (with both the copper polish and the lemon) that you do not touch the wooden elements. You can mask them off or dismantle the coat rack. The coat rack can be polished indefinitely.


My Life is a Grid coat rack needs a new look. What can I do?
Order a new color of thread and your coat rack will be like new again!


I would like to see and feel the thread first. Is that possible?
Sure! Send an email with your question to

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