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Screen printing tea towel 'Gridgedrag'

  • / double-sided screen printing
    / wash at 30°
    / 70 x 55 cm

  • One day, graphic designer Johanne de Heus discovered a special dynamic in the gardens, facades and front doors of homes in her neighborhood. Openness and closedness. Domesticity and aloofness. Straight lines and organic shapes. Exuberance and sobriety. She analyzed forty identical terraced houses in Amersfoort in terms of grid behavior, based on these three elements (garden, facade and front door) and with the following question in mind: how do residents try to give their own twist to these grids that are already fixed for everyone and precisely for everyone? have the same frameworks? A special journey of discovery through numerous front and top views ultimately leads to the graphic translation as you see it here. In the minimalist line drawings the designer wants to share something of her fascination. Because they are part of a much larger and more comprehensive story.

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